Did you know that the average cow chews at least 50 times per minutes? How about that the average cow drinks 113 to 190 litres of water each day and produces approximately 30 litres of milk per day?

Visitors to the 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show learned these fun facts and more about cows and the dairy industry over the course of the eight-day event, with WAFarmers representatives on hand every day to show support for the industry and showcase not only the state’s dairy industry, but also our WAFarmersFirst Milk.

In addition to the finest cheeses, yogurts, chocolates, flavoured milks and ice-cream that WA has to offer, visitors got to taste our delicious milk as part of their daily coffee hit when they visited The Daily Grind outside the main Dairy Pavilion. Pikelets made using WAFarmersFirst Milk and Eggs were also available for sale.

Kids and adults alike were kept entertained with milking demonstrations multiple times per day hosted by New South Wales dairy farmer Luke Micallef. Separation of the cream from the milk was particularly engaging, along with the butter-making competitions. Of course, the real highlight was the opportunity to milk a cow, a first for many.

We were particularly thrilled to have a number of WA dairy farmers come along over the course of the show, all of whom gave visitors an understanding of their daily routines and outlined how milk gets from the cow to the supermarket.

WAFarmers was delighted to once again be part of this dairy event, the only truly collaborative dairy showcase in WA to attract everyone from your local farmer to your processor, cheese maker, chocolatier, barista and ice cream maker.

It really was a LEGENDAIRY event. Special thanks to the dairy farmers who took the time to attend the show and educate visitors. Thank you also to our coffee partner Darkstar Coffee, and students at Iona Presentation College for managing the pikelet stand.