About Us


WAFarmersFirst was created by the Western Australian Farmers Federation (WAFarmers) to help secure the future of the state’s dairy and egg farmers. Forty cents from the sale of every two-litre container and eggs carton will go back into industry, giving Western Australian consumers a tangible way to support local farmers.

WHO ARE WAFarmers?

The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc) (WAFarmers) is the largest, most influential and highly respected agricultural advocacy group in Western Australia.

WAFarmers represents the voice of farmers throughout Western Australia and is continually working towards a more viable, profitable, and sustainable future for agriculture in WA.



The purpose of Food You Can Trust is to focus on the value of farming in Western Australia and its contribution to the nation and the world.

We support of all types of farming in Western Australia and present a transparent account of the farming practices used in this state.



Your journey of discovery about Agriculture in Western Australia begins here! At AG Academy. 

Bringing the experience to them, AG Academy seeks to spark curiosity in students, and give them the tools to understand the many agricultural industries of Western Australia.

The students of today will be the participants of the Agricultural industry of tomorrow, and we hope to guide their interest and love of Western Australia Agriculture.