Revived Brunswick cheese factory significant for dairy industry

WAFarmers has welcomed the announcement from Brownes Dairy that it will revive the old Brunswick cheese factory in order to produce 6,000 tonnes of cheese annually. The $10 million investment will see manufacturing capacities developed at the south west facility, with a small percentage of the cheese will be available for purchase in WA and […]

WAFarmersFirst March 15, 2018 Latest News

Brownes sale an opportunity for growth

After having been on the market for many months, Brownes Dairy has been bought from Archer Capital by a Chinese consortium led by dairy giant Shanghai Ground Food Tech. In a statement released earlier today, Brownes said the deal would create access to emerging overseas markets and increase potential for the development of new products […]

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Did you know that the average cow chews at least 50 times per minutes? How about that the average cow drinks 113 to 190 litres of water each day and produces approximately 30 litres of milk per day? Visitors to the 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show learned these fun facts and more about cows and […]

WAFarmersFirst October 6, 2017 Latest News

WA dairy industry collaborates at Perth Royal Show 2017

The state’s leading dairy processors will come together under the “WA Dairy Pavilion” banner at the upcoming Perth Royal Show to showcase the exceptional dairy products being produced in WA and existing innovations within the industry. In 2017, the WA Dairy Pavilion will offer visitors the opportunity to see, taste, try and buy some of […]

WAFarmersFirst September 12, 2017 Latest News

Dairy Conference debates growing or shrinking for prosperity

Growing or shrinking for prosperity was the theme of the day at the 2017 WAFarmers Dairy Conference, with insightful and constructive discussions held by presenters and attendees alike. Featuring an opening address from Hon. Darren West MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, and presentations from Dairy Australia Australian Dairy Farmers, and Western Dairy, […]

WAFarmersFirst July 28, 2017 Latest News

Supplier contract lifeline for dairy farmers

Three south west dairy farmers whose previously extended contracts with Parmalat’s Harvey Fresh were due to expire at the end of June have had these extended by a further six months, until January 2018. The decision came off the back of an agreement by the three immediately affected suppliers who agreed to reduce their combined […]

GROW2017: Eggs-citing new WAFarmersFirst product launched at conference

Consumers are able to support Western Australian farmers more easily than ever before, with WAFarmers having officially launched a new eggs product under the WAFarmersFirst brand at the 2017 WAFarmers Annual Conference: GROW2017 Gala Dinner and Awards last night. In conjunction with the Commercial Egg Producers Association of Western Australia (CEPA), cartons of free range […]

WAFarmersFirst March 4, 2017 Latest News

Ready, steady, coffee!

There was coffee, sweets and cheese galore at the VIP Preview of the De Lish Dessert, Coffee and Gourmet Food Expo 2017 last week, which WAFarmers staff attended as part of the WAFarmersFirst Milk event sponsorship. In addition to sampling delightful delicacies including gelato, cheddar with truffle, and fruit mousse, nearly 30 competitors battled it […]

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WA milk shipped east to prevent wastage

WAFarmers is facilitating milk shipments to the east from the state’s out-of-contract dairy farmers to prevent the dumping of their unwanted milk during their transitional period. WAFarmers Dairy Section President Michael Partridge said the measure was only a short-term arrangement and would buy more time for industry and government to discuss export growth and opportunities. […]

WAFarmersFirst October 21, 2016 Latest News

Long term dairy solutions needed, as farmers exit industry

As the three dairy farmers whose contracts with Brownes ended at the start of the month face the reality of exiting the industry, WAFarmers and the state’s dairy industry implore the State Government to come to a long term solution to prevent this happening again. The contracts ended on 1 October, with a mystery processor […]

WAFarmersFirst October 19, 2016 Latest News
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