GROW2017: Eggs-citing new WAFarmersFirst product launched at conference

Consumers are able to support Western Australian farmers more easily than ever before, with WAFarmers having officially launched a new eggs product under the WAFarmersFirst brand at the 2017 WAFarmers Annual Conference: GROW2017 Gala Dinner and Awards last night.

In conjunction with the Commercial Egg Producers Association of Western Australia (CEPA), cartons of free range eggs are now available in some country IGA stores.

WAFarmers President Tony York said the time was right to expand the range of products available.

“Our milk product was successfully launched in 2014 and consumers’ recognition of the brand at an all-time high, following considerable industry collaboration, event partnerships, and general promotion,” he said.

“Consumers know that when they purchase WAFarmersFirst products, they are contributing directly towards farmers in WA, and this is no different for the eggs – a royalty from the sale of every carton of WAFarmersFirst Eggs will go back into industry.

“In addition to giving back to industry, the WAFarmersFirst brand also means that consumers can be confident that what they are buying is one hundred per cent Western Australian produced,” he said.

“WAFarmersFirst Eggs are produced by CEPA members and packaged and distributed by Golden Egg Farms, so everything is happening right here in WA and supporting local industries.

“The eggs are easily identifiable through vibrant and eye-catching purple labelling and an image of a lovely hen named Henrietta, so we encourage shoppers to be on the lookout for the product when they next head to the supermarket.”

Mr York said there were more WAFarmersFirst products in the pipeline, and that the eggs would be made available at more stores in the coming months.

WAFarmersFirst Eggs are available in cartons of six and a dozen.